Châteauneuf du Pape

the estate

L'odyssée is located between Avignon and Orange, on the banks of the Rhône, where the popes, seduced by the area, took up residence in the 14th century.The Grand Tinel estate was created in 1972 and already boasts a long history.

The fruit of the union of the Jeune and Establet families, both of whom have been winegrowers since the eighteenth century, the estate has grown in line with the nectars produced over the years.

Today, Béatrice, Isabelle and Christophe Jeune run the estate with passion and commitment, accompanied by Saint-Pierre, guardian of a golden key to the heavenly wine and another in silver, anchored in an ageless vineyard.

« Tina »,

the Latin word for barrel, also refers to the cellar where the wines age, the place where the fruit comes to life, then settles and gains in wisdom, to the delight of discerning palates.

The vineyard

From the iconic Gardiole district in the north of the appellation, the view of Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail is unique. Around the historic 32-hectare parcel, the fragrant arbutus, cypress, oak and almond trees are home to an effervescent fauna. This wildlife naturally contributes to the well-being of the vineyard, which has been certified as High Environmental Value since 2020. In winter, the ewes fertilise the soil while the vines rest. In the spring, life explodes and the cohabitation with the local inhabitants is virtuous. The Domaine du Grand Tinel is taking part in a collective action across the AOC to eradicate pest populations using pheromones, without harming the natural enemies.

The roots of the hundred-year-old vines wisely penetrate the depths of the safre sand, while on the surface, weeding is carried out manually and mechanically. In the face of climate change, in the 69 hectares of rows, as in the winery, the adaptation is subtle and daily for ever finer wines in AOC Châteauneuf-du-Pape and AOC Côtes-du-rhône.
The roots of the century-old vines penetrate wisely into the depths of the safre sands, while on the surface, weeding is done manually and mechanically.

the cellar

While Grenache remains the vineyard's king grape variety, the Jeune family also grows Syrah, Mourvèdre and Counoise, for its spiciness.

Of course, bourboulenc, clairette, roussanne and white grenache are also grown, contributing to the inimitable style of these wines made from terroirs developed since the 18th century between rolled pebbles and red clay.
In the winery, a contemporary combination of stainless steel, concrete and wood vats allows the winemaker to exercise his art and extract the quintessence of what nature provides. The skilful and delicate gestures are punctuated by traces of the past, portraits, archives and unusual objects. The sequence of spaces and levels turns your head and takes you into the other beating heart of the Grand Tinel estate, where everything happens, where everything is created.

Naturally refreshed by the precious presence of spring water in the subsoil, the budding wines mature in oak tuns, demimuids and barrels for as long as they need.
Vinothèque de la famille Jeune, bouteilles de vieux millésime, boîte en bois
Some of them even remain in the cellar for a very long time, like jewels bearing witness to years of hard work and highflying alchemy.